Pot Plant Stains On Carpet And How To Fix Them…

Pot plant stains on carpet, often come about, from a number of small accidents, which build up over time.


If you enthusiastically over-water your plants, water will run out of the pot, saturating the carpet beneath. As the water travels through the potting mix, it picks up all sorts of contaminates – soil particles, minerals and dyes.

If the pot plant is housed in a wicker or bamboo holder, tannin’s and yet more dyes are picked up and deposited on the carpet.

The worst part about this accident is that it may go undetected for some time and cause irreparable damage to the carpet fibres and underlay.

Pets (and kids) vigorously digging in the dirt

Pets and little kids, love to play in the dirt. As the dirt from the pot plant spreads out over the carpet, it can cause staining and a build up of soil particles which catch in the carpet fibres, this trapped dirt then attracts even more dirt and dust particles, leaving increasingly dark marks on the carpet around the pot base.

Instead of being a delight to look, soon your precious pot plants, have become a part and cause of a major problem.

It’s time to clean up the dirt!

1. Stain removal treatment

If the carpet fibres remain intact with minimal or no damage, specialised stain removal treatment can be very effective.

However, this depends on the degree of damage (if any) to the carpet fibres and the possible permanent colour changes to the face yarn of the carpet caused by the dye leeching (from containers and dirt particles).

2. Carpet Repair & Patching

If, after inspecting the carpet, it’s decided that the stain can’t be removed, or if there’s obvious permanent damage to the carpet fibres, the damaged carpet can be removed and replaced with carpet from another area in the house, this is typically found and used from a walk in wardrobe or hallway.

We can always find a solution so call us and we can work out what is the best option for your carpet.

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