Curtain Care & Cleaning

Maximise the life of your curtains

…and keep them looking good.

When we enter a room, curtains and window treatments play a large role in enhancing the beauty, comfort and luxury of the area.

Look in any house and home magazine, and you’ll see curtains from a wide selection of fabrics, materials and installation methods. Whatever you’ve chosen; full curtain covering or decorative side curtains mixed with venetian or other blinds, they’re exposed to extreme, destructive conditions; more so than many other fabrics in our lives.

What causes damage to your curtains?

  • Dyes, becoming weakened by exposure to direct or indirect sunlight, and this causes colour changes in the material
  • Yellowing and weakening of the fabric fibres, from environmental pollutants – dust and dirt in the air
  • Loss of fibre strength from residue particles, emanating from cooking, indoor smoking, heating, air conditioning and pet dander.
  • Water marks from condensed moisture and dirt particles ‘wicking’ into the fabric – moisture from the high humidity and temperature, especially, during the summer months, is a real concern for those of us living in the sub-tropical SE Qld area.
  • Shrinkage, can also be noticed when curtains can be seen to raise or lower their length with changes in the humidity and temperature.

And finally, damage can be caused by abrasion from curtains rubbing against the window sill, walls etc.

Sometimes, these changes occur so gradually, you’re unaware of them until it’s …’almost’…too late.

So, what is the trick to having great looking curtains?

  • Inspect them regularly for any marks or soiling
  • Shake them to get air movement and remove creases
  • Vacuum fabric curtains
  • Open the curtains each day
  • Encourage air movement by directing fans onto them, especially, during the high humidity of our summer months
  • Spot clean marks from dirt, pets rubbing against them or spills
  • Most importantly have them cleaned regularly by trained reputable cleaners…Please Call 07 37157000 and we’ll talk with you, about how to best care for your curtains

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