Insects & Humans

Helpful v’s Harmful

Insects are the most diverse and successful group of animals in the world and many are necessary for our continued good health and welfare.

We share our homes with all types of these live organisms; they live with us in our beds, our food and our furnishings and for the most part we are oblivious to their existence.

However, there’s one or two or more, which can cause disease, sickness and are just plain “aughhh”; these are the ones, which you want to eradicate from your home and business. Lets look at two of these nasties.


There’s over 4,000 species of cockroaches. Of these, six species have adapted to become a serious pest in our Australian homes –

  1. Brownbanded Cockroach
  2. Smokybrown Cockroach
  3. American Cockroach
  4. German Cockroach
  5. Oriental Cockroach
  6. Australian Cockroach

They’re the ones making that scuttling noise you hear in the depth of night, as they explore your kitchen, pet food bowls, clamber over the food left out in the TV and kid’s rooms and explore the sub terrain of sewage pipes and drains of your home.

Scientific studies have shown, that as they walk through your home, stepping over food, your kid’s toys, and your hair brushes for example… they spread pathogenic diseases such as staphylococcus which causes food poisoning and ill health.


Silverfish are very primitive insects; they are agile, fast paced and wingless. They shun light and feed on most types of human food but love starchy materials.

You’ll find them hiding in the deep, dark corners of wardrobes, bookcases (they love the cellulose of the paper pages) and under sinks in bathrooms and laundries.

Often, unless you disturb them, you’ll not notice them until you pull out a piece of clothing you’ve not worn for a while and find it riddled with small irritating holes, or more heartbreaking, opening an old photo album of your Mums’ and finding the photos half eaten!

It’s the stuff of nightmares and scary movies!

How to Control these Two Annoying and Harmful Pests

There’s two basic ways to control both these pests –

Environmental control

  • Clean up food spills, crumbs and put food scraps away at night
  • Wash pet food bowls after each meal
  • Put food into lidded containers
  • Limit water availability – empty containers and fix leaky taps
  • Wipe down bench tops
  • Keep kitchen scraps and garbage in closed containers
  • This one’s important – inspect every new acquisition brought into your home – especially second hand books, clothes and boxes that’d been kept in storage for signs of silverfish or cockroaches
  • Store books and papers in light airy conditions
  • If it’s feasible fix and fill cracks and crevices in walls and floors to block off access points
  • Dust and vacuum your home to disturb their resting spots
  • Clean the built up grime around stoves and ovens
  • Clean out wardrobes, the back of bookcases and filing cabinets or paper storage areas frequently – remember both cockies and silverfish hate the light!

Chemical control – it’s time to call in the professionals

  • Preventative – regular 12 month inspections and treatments will avoid the embarrassment of finding cockroaches in the party pie!
  • Reactionary treatments – if you see one cockroach; you’ll have dozens or a colony

The aim of all professional treatments is to carefully apply chemical insecticides of the correct strength, type and place in the most optimum areas so that the cockroaches and silver fish come into physical contact with them to disrupt cockroach development.


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