Mould. Gone.

Mould remediation

Mould can be genuinely scary, and that’s why Jones & Co always takes rapid and effective actions against it. We don’t just wipe away mould with vinegar, we eliminate live growth and spores using advanced solutions.

First, we collect samples that are tested by our senior environmental scientist at our mould-testing lab, and then we begin treatment based on the results.

We’ll assess the the building structure for water damage and install drying equipment accordingly in order to attack the mould’s liveable environment.

The most severe surface mould is removed using an acidic peroxide solution, and then the material is thoroughly treated with a highly advanced antimicrobial spray that is absorbed by the material, killing any mould spores that remain and preventing future regrowth.

If mould has penetrated wall and ceiling cavities, we’ve got that covered, too. We vaporise building cavities with an airborne antimicrobial solution before treating the space with hydroxyl radical generators that will ensure no mould spores survive.

  1. Analyse and identify.
  2. Clean and sanitise.
  3. Prevent regrowth.