Pest Management

Elevate your environment with extermination expertise.

Our highly skilled technicians employ a specialised approach to address a range of pests that disrupt your daily life – including cockroaches, silverfish, ants, carpet moths, rodents, fleas, and spiders.

Our comprehensive pest management services are available for both residential and commercial properties, providing a pest-free environment both indoors and outdoors.

In our discreet pest management process, we use precision-based chemical solutions that prioritise the safety of your pets and children. When treating structures affected by pests, we take extra precautions by carefully placing advanced gel applications away from food and accessible areas.

For carpet moth infestations, we go above and beyond. Emphasising thoroughness, we begin by steam-cleaning your carpets to effectively eliminate as many eggs as possible. Our targeted moth management solution ensures a comprehensive and long-lasting resolution.

No matter the disturbance, Jones & Co possesses the expertise to bring it under control. Regain your peace of mind with our unmatched pest management services.