Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can happen anytime to anyone – storms are a fact of life in S.E Qld especially over the summer months. Not only do we have the threat of storm and heavy rains, there’s water inundation due to ruptured water pipes, overflowing baths, blocked drains and leaking refrigerators – to name just a few!  We have at our disposal the latest technology, equipment and trained, certified technicians to begin mitigation and complete full restoration of your contents and property due to water damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke damage restoration requires patience, meticulous care and focus on the little things to ensure that the odour of smoke doesn’t linger and cause you ongoing distress. We’ll provide friendly and efficient services, removal of debris, cleaning and salvage of your contents and removal of non-salvageable items. At all times we work with you to quickly and efficiently restore your contents and property.

Carpet Care

We want you to have a cleaner, healthier home, to help you with this, we come to you and professionally clean and deodorise your carpet. Our experienced technicians have specialised training in deciding the best method for cleaning your carpets, based on the use, type of carpet and age of your flooring. To guarantee the best results, we also check for stains or damage to your carpet, which could quickly reduce the life of your carpet if left untreated.

Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping your upholstered furniture clean includes a regime of regular vacuuming, quickly removing spills and arranging for us to professionally clean your treasured pieces regularly. Cleaning, works to improve how your furniture looks, how it feels, and increases its longevity.

Specialised Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning has progressed from washing rugs and hanging them over balconies to dry, to an exact science of fibre identification, dye recognition and wear patterns of the fibres. Rug manufacture has also changed, especially with the introduction of synthetic materials being used in conjunction with natural fibres. This means there can often be a conflict about the most efficient and safest way to clean your rugs.  The style of rug ranging from oriental, hand knotted, machine made, silk, cotton, wool, or yak hair- means all have special qualities which affect how best to clean the rug.

We have a Master Rug Cleaner who trained with experts both here, in Australia and overseas in the USA to make sure your rug is given individual care and attention.

Pest Management

Solving the pest problem in your home or business is a big concern when you find yourself playing host to pests that are common in our sub-tropical climate. These can include cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, fleas, carpet moth and more.  Our technicians are trained and licensed with Qld Health, to deal with all these pests. We’ll work out a plan which best addresses your specific pest problem, so that you, can rest easier knowing you have efficient pest management and technicians available to maintain your pest free environment.