Carpet Cleaning

Carpet care, beyond surface-level.

Jones & Co have been cleaning and repairing carpets for over forty years, and those decades of experience show. We clean everything from houses to high rises. And the occasional theme park.

We’ve got an IICRC licensed instructor on-staff to expertly train all of our new technicians, so you’re getting the best, no matter who’s on the job.

We still use powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning machines that sanitise and deep-clean your carpets. Steam coupled with grime-dissolving emulsifier and a titanium carpet wand mean tangible results that genuinely rejuvenate your carpeted spaces.

For those impossible-to-access jobs that our steam cleaning equipment can’t reach, we use innovative Hydroxicap solution dry-cleaning technology for masterful, satisfying results. Our specialised dry-cleaning scrub encapsulates dirt, removes stains, and sanitises carpets.

Steam or dry cleaning, our process is beyond surface-level.