Water Damage Restoration

The Restoration Process

No one expects to need our water restoration services. It’s just not something that’s considered in the course of everyday life. However, all it takes is one heavy storm in your area, one burst pipe or a washing machine malfunction and suddenly water restoration becomes VERY urgent and VERY important.

What We Do

It’s our job to minimise the damage and disruption to your life. Our first priority is to ensure that the water emergency has been contained and that the excess water or sewage has been safely removed.

At Jones & Co Restoration our technicians work to minimise the risk of further contamination due to leftover moisture or contaminants by applying antimicrobial applications to the affected areas. Inadequate water and sewage clean-up, without proper sanitisation, can lead to mould infestations and related health risks.

We guarantee that we’re always available with our 24 hr emergency response & disaster recovery to any storm event, heavy rains, flood situation, burst pipes or malfunction of appliances

  • dishwashers
  • washing machines
  • refrigerators etc.

Our staff are qualified and trained through the international Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC) ready to work with you, to return your life back to normal, as quickly as possible.

With years of experience in storm, flood and other water damage events,  Jones & Co Restoration is proud to use the most advanced ‘state-of-the-art’ extraction and cleaning equipment. With an arsenal of turbo-dryers, low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, air scrubbers and more, Jones & Co Restoration possesses the resources to handle any moisture damage situation.

“In the case of a crisis, experience takes charge. Experience turns chaos into routine, replaces problems with solutions, and means optimal efficiency, optimal attentiveness, with optimal results”.

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Restoring Your Water Affected Carpet, Rugs and Precious Belongings

‘Effect of Water’ 

Over the 25+ years we’ve been in the restoration industry, we’ve found that in 80-90% of cases we can restore carpet back to its pre-incident condition. This depends of course, on the specific circumstances that have impacted your carpet, however remember that your carpet was subjected to much harsher treatment during its manufacture than it may now have suffered.

Our qualified technicians carry out an initial ‘safety and risk check’ to ensure the site is safe for you and our technicians for restoration to commence.

By using moisture sensors and thermal imagery, we’ll determine the scope of the water damage. This information is used as an aid to help us to decide on the most effective form of drying, salvage and restoration processes.

During this initial visit we require as much access as possible to your carpet. So – please move all breakables and small items of furniture (if able) – don’t fret though, our technicians will handle the larger items.

Before we arrive, we’ll ask you, that for your safety, please Turn Off all electrical appliances – TV’s, computers, stereo equipment, electric blankets etc. and remove the plugs from the wall socket.

… the floors may be slippery when wet; please take extreme care if walking on or from wet floors.

  • please minimise entering the affected rooms
  • keep children and pets safe  – do not allow them to play unsupervised around operating drying equipment
  • if dehumidifiers or air-movers are to be moved, they must be turned off and un-plugged, it’s hazardous to move these units while they’re still operating
  • take care when walking near smooth edge (nailed wooden strips along the walls) it’s a danger even we have covered it

How Long will Restoration Take?

Complete restoration of saturated carpet will normally take between 3-7 days.

After our initial visit, we’ll be in contact with you, to check on the drying progress and arrange a time to return to monitor the restoration process, return any items taken off-site for cleaning and restoration and the re-installation and restorative cleaning of the carpet (if this is possible).

If, for what ever reason, we’re not able to restore the carpet, a full report with accompanying photographs, thermal imagery and moisture reading data is forwarded to your Insurance Company — please remember if you’re intending to, or have made an insurance claim, the decisions regarding the restoration process and replacement of items are at the discretion of your insurance company.

A Quick Guide to the Water Damage Restoration Process

  • Inspection and testing with moisture sensors and thermal imagery – this determines the scope of damage and the type of drying system we put in place to ensure the quickest, most effective drying of all the affected areas.
  • Furniture is positioned and / or placed on blocks to minimise further damage.
  • Excess water may need to be extracted.
  • Drying equipment is set up as determined by the initial moisture testing.
  • Drying times can be affected if drying equipment is turned off too soon or by weather conditions – please do not turn off equipment or open or close windows unless instructed by the technician.
  • Damp carpet may have a noticeable odour until completely dry; sometimes brown staining occurs during the drying process this is normal and in the majority of cases is completely removable.
  • Reports, which include the work completed each day, the damage noted, the decisions made – based on the data gathered and the final outcome are compiled whilst on site and then forwarded either to your insurance company, claims department or to you if you’re not making a claim.

When the Carpet is Dry

The drying progress will be monitored closely by the Jones & Co Restoration trained technicians.

When the carpet is dry, as indicated by the moisture readings and thermal imagery data; the carpet and underlay with the authority of your insurance company is re-installed. If however, the original underlay was not salvageable, new underlay of comparable size, weight and quality will be supplied and installed.

When the new or existing dry underlay has been installed, our technician(s) will relay, re-stretch your carpet. When the carpet has been reinstalled it will be professionally cleaned and deodorized (exceeding Standards Australia AS/NZS 3733:1995)

Completion of the Restoration Process

Quality Control

On our last visit, we’ll ask you  for your signature on a Completion Certificate, this confirms that we have completed the loss remediation and/ or restoration process.  We forward this to your insurance company / assessor as proof that we have attended your insurance claim.

However, we don’t deem the job completed until we’ve placed a Courtesy Quality Control call to you – usually within  24 – 48hrs to confirm your satisfaction with the completed restoration.  We’d like you to tell us, if you have any concerns  regarding the restoration, outstanding issues or suggestions of how we can improve our services. We’ll make it our business to attend to them as quickly as possible and turn your concern into a solution.

We’d be grateful if you would take the time to fill out our ‘Survey Monkey’  of just 5 quick questions which will be sent to you. Our core aim,  is to do everything we can to keep improving our services, and holding ourselves firmly to our belief that…

“not only should the level of service you receive REALLY impress you, but that you enjoy the experience of being associated with Jones & Co Restoration, now, and in the future”.

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Sewage damage prior to clean-up


Drying the ceiling cavity after water damage


Ceiling collapse after water damage


Wet carpet – waiting for drying and restoration