Water Damage Restoration

Every minute counts

Jones & Co understands that a rapid response to flooding is vital for successful water damage restoration. We’ll work around the clock in order to lessen the chance of permanent damage occurring to your property, and we’ll aim to be wrapping up the restoration process within 3 days.

Our process for each water damage job stems from a simple concept: extract, dry, treat. When we first arrive, we’ll extract any standing water from your property. Then, we’ll begin drying using heavy-duty air movers, dehumidifiers, and injection drying systems to access your wall cavities, ensuring a 100% dry structure.

But our work doesn’t end there. After your property is bone-dry, we’ll do a steam clean of your carpets and any affected furniture, and also apply an advanced anti-microbial treatment to any affected areas that will mitigate any chance of mould and/or fungal development.

After this antimicrobial treatment, we’ll run a hydroxyl radical generator to permanently eliminate any damp odour that may remain.

Preparation and further information

We understand how stressful flooded property is, and that’s why we’re open to sharing our process with commercial and domestic clients. You’re in safe hands with Jones & Co.

Before we arrive, there are some things you can do to smoothen the process out, like removing loose items from the floor, and making sure absorbent materials like books and magazines aren’t sitting on water-affected areas. Please make sure your pets are locked up before our arrival to avoid runaways.

With those steps done, we can begin the process, which usually takes a total of 3 days:

  1. Extraction of water. This is usually completed within the first hour of our arrival, depending on the size of the property. Take a seat, we’ll take care of you from here.
  2. Installation of drying equipment. Our air movers and dehumidifiers are premium American-made machines that are designed to run 24/7 with no risk of fire or high power consumption. We’ll also potentially install injection drying equipment via drilled holes behind skirting boards to ensure that the structure completely dries while minimising mould risk.
  3. Specialised treatment. On day 3 of the process we’ll steam-clean all of your affected areas, including affected carpets, furniture, tiles, and curtains. Following this, we’ll treat wall cavities and affected spaces with an advanced antimicrobial deodorisation treatment that will eliminate any chance of mould development and lingering damp odour.