Fire Damage Restoration

Transforming ashes into renewed spaces.

Here at Jones & Co, we’ve mastered detailed restoration. External structure cleaning, internal soot and odour removal, furniture, appliances, cutlery, ozone purification treatment––we’ll take care of you.

We’ve successfully restored major office buildings in Brisbane CBD, and small suburban homes. We apply the same level of care and detail to every structure and space.

Our process involves the use of dry chemical sponges to aid in soot removal on painted walls, specialised soot-removal surfactants, heavy-duty fire deodorisers, steam cleaning, and hydroxyl/ozone air purification treatments to totally annihilate any persistent fire-related odours.

Commercial and domestic jobs alike, we genuinely care and pour all of our resources into getting you through the restoration process as pain-free as possible.

Fire and smoke odour elimination

We understand the complexity of permanently removing odours within a structure, which is why we go beyond simply using deodorisers after a cosmetic clean.

We employ a five-step process in eliminating fire-related odours from your commercial or domestic property:

  1. Heavy surfactant chemical clean of contents and building.
  2. HEPA filtration of air within the structure via industrial air scrubbers.
  3. A deep steam-clean of any porous fabrics in the building.
  4. Application of smoke deodoriser.
  5. Extended hydroxyl radical generation to permanently remove odour from the structure.

For rapid, cost-effective fire damage remediation and restoration, contact Jones & Co today.