Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire & Smoke remediation requires specialised knowledge and training. Soot and smoke is highly toxic and abrasive, because of this it’s vitally important to begin the clean-up as soon as possible. . Etching of aluminum window frames can begin in just a few days. An immediate ‘make safe’ is required to limit damage to the building structure and your precious goods.

We provide friendly and efficient services, to remove debris, salvage your contents and restore salvageable items. We’ll work with you to restore your property as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

At the Beginning of the Fire Damage Restoration Process

  • We provide a ‘Safe Work Methods Statement’, inspecting for any extra damages such as structural hazards or loose debris.
  • Open communication with you, your insurance assessor and other interested bodies is our priority.
  • A visual inspection is undertaken to determine the extent of damage to your contents.
  • We then photograph all contents and property for our ‘baseline’ before restoration commences.
  • We then take a detailed inventory of contents and if required we can arrange for a ‘pack out’ of these items to protect them from further damage.

Ongoing Care

We work with you, and if insured, your insurance company, to work out a plan of action which includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Cleaning and restoring all ceilings through-out the property
  • Cleaning and restoring walls through-out property, including cornices and skirting boards
  • Cleaning and restoring windows, window  frames, window tracks
  • Cleaning and restoring benches, inside cupboards,  cupboards, and all surfaces
  • Cleaning and restoring soot from throughout the property
  • We remove and/or clean the salvageable contents throughout the property where possible
  • Cleaning of all contents including furniture throughout the property
  • The disposal of the debris and items that are damaged beyond repair
  • We collect material data for all damaged items
  • At the completion of the restoration /remediation we walk through your property with you to confirm your satisfaction with the work completed
  • We always leave the site ready for further inspection and building repairs

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Contact us today for your quote.